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If you're looking for Affordable Professional Web Design / Web Development and E-commerce websites - you're in the right place. We are based in Burton on Trent providing online and desktop software solutions for companies based in and around the Midlands (UK). We don't outsource our website development; it's all done in-house, so you'll have direct access to the designer of your site. With over 20+ years experience in the Industry we have the experience, skills, and design knowledge to create any type of website that your business needs.

With your ideas and our web design skills we can produce modern, contemporary websites with the functionality that you need – all at an affordable price.

Get in-touch we're sure we have the solution to help your business start or grow.

Bespoke Web Design

Professionally tailored responsive designed (mobile friendly) websites that work for you and how you want them to.

Hosting Solutions

Let us keep your website running smoothly. We can offer you affordable hosting options to suit your websites current and future requirements.

Web Portals / Databases

Need to bridge the gap between desktop apps and websites? We can offer bespoke website portals that save time and offer out of work hours solutions.

Web Design & E-commerce

Most users now surf the web on mobile devices, new websites require mobile first design. We then use a fluid layout technique called responsive design meaning we offer websites that seamlessly adapt for all devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to large desktop monitors.

We offer website solutions to cater for business of all sizes and the general public. Our websites are all responsive / mobile friendly, conform to industry W3C standards, and are compatible with all major internet browsers.

E-commerce solutions need to offer your products in a clear and consise manner with rich product descriptions, backed up with SEO friendly content. Importantly the page content must load fast with a simple checkout process. Some cart providers overcomplicate which can confuse or frustrate the end-user causing them to not order, or worse go to your competitor. We partner with a few selected cart systems providers that we trust can offer a reliable platform, that's feature rich and that we are able to customise to our own clients requirements. This can be a cost effective solution for most clients, however we can also develop completely bespoke e-commerce solutions for clients wanting complete design control, features and potential of linking to other software you may have.

In our opinion a website must be:-

  • easy to navigate
  • clear and concise
  • fast to load
  • compatible with all major internet browsers
  • Responsive / Mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly using latest Google / Microsoft guidelines
Bespoke Box

We believe these are the foundations of any good website design.

In our experience unless your product is unique you have in the range of 5-10 seconds in which to catch and hold the attention of an internet user before they move onto your competitors. This means that if your site is too complex or overcrowded its unlikely to generate business, however the same is true if the site is too plain, in which case you will struggle to hold the attention of the viewer. We know there is a fine line between the two, we have the web design knowledge and expertise to help you market and get the most potential value from your website.

In short we can design and create artwork, set up web hosting including domain names as well as creating website pages, or customise a hosted e-commerce solution to suit your requirements. We are a one-stop-shop for your website requirements.

Portal & Database Development

Websites are evolving. The once distinct line between desktop applications and websites is blurring. Websites can be much more than an advertisement for your business products and services online. Web portals with links to your desktop data are becoming commonplace. An example of this could be client portal - allowing for anytime access for your customers to track orders, or the progress of a project.

Any new web portal must be mobile friendly - fluid layout websites using a technique called responsive design means we offer portals that seamlessly adapt for all devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to large desktop monitors.

Benefits of Portals / Database Driven Websites: -

  • Time saving - data duplication in multiple systems is common. A simple example of this is from a standard online shop you get an order confirmation via email when a customer orders. You then have to duplicate this email information into your desktop systems to create the customer and then the invoice. We can create bridging portals that allow systems to intergrate seamlessly
  • Out of hours information - customers or even your own remote workers can get real-time information 24/7
  • Security - desktop software stored on an on-premise server is generally very secure. Not all clients like migration of their data to a 100% cloud based solution as they feel it's potentially more vulnerable to hacking and such. A web portal can offer a happy medium, self hosted on-premise website solutions can offer the required "cut-down" version of your desktop software in a web based solution customised for what you'd like your customers or remote workers to see and access.
Web Pages

Get in touch for further information or an estimate on your bespoke portal today.

Hosting & Email Solutions

We work with several hosting providers to offer you the best package at the best possible price. We can look into solutions from Standard hosting, Virtual or Dedicated servers to Scalable Cloud hosting.

Packages we source offer the following: -

  • 1GB to Unlimited Disk Space
  • Super-Fast SSD Hard Drives
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 5 to Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Standard backups
  • UK Data centers
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These hosting packages start from as little as £5+VAT per month.

Cloud Backup Solutions

It has never been more important to backup your data regularly and to separate locations.

Crypto style virus’s are amongst the worst out there, if PCs or Servers become infected your data can be encrypted to extremely high Bank / Military level encryption, meaning recovery without the original encryption key is impossible and rendering your data useless. Some other virus’s simply scan and destroy all data that it finds. These rogue programs can scan and find network locations including Servers and NAS devices that you might be using as your backup solution. This could mean that your data is not only inaccessible but your on-premise backups are also useless.

We offer UK based off-site backup solutions that are fully GDPR compliant. When we configure your backup we set an encryption key, so that when your data is being backed up to the cloud it’s always encrypted, not even the data centre where it’s hosted can see your real data, it’s only visible in it’s encrypted form. When data is restored our sophisticated software un-encrypts on-the-fly allowing it to be visible and if required to be restored to your local PC or Server.

Revisions of the dataset can be set on our software, meaning if a file is corrupted or someone accidentally deletes data within say an Excel document, we can restore the same file from an earlier point in time.

Our software can backup raw file data as well as MySQL, SQL and Oracle databases, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes or even Windows System state, VMware and HyperV.

Additional backup-sets are mirrored to an additional data centre (in the UK) for even more added peace of mind.

Please contact us if our off-site backup solutions are of interest to you and we’d be happy to assess your requirements and provide a quotation. We are fully GDPR compliant and are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) - Registration No: ZA371314.

Servers & Hardware

Network Infrastructure & I.T Support

We offer software and website solutions, BUT we can also help you with your servers, internal network infrastructure and aftersales support requirements. Our I.T support packages are designed for clients with both new and existing equipment. We know that many businesses already have file servers, network switches and existing cabling. We can analyse your existing infrastructure and offer upgrades, replacements and future proofing solutions such as: -

  • Office network re-wires with Gigabit Cat6 or higher cabling
  • On-premise New / Refurbished server replacements or upgrades
  • Router and network switch replacements
  • Desktop PC / Workstation upgrades or replacements
  • Office 365 and cloud migration
  • Desktop, Server I.T support packages

Our engineers can design and implement small and large scale installations allowing us to keep your total system care "under one roof".

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